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Friends and former colleagues commenting on Luciana and her qualities

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Comments from Mark Dacascos, David Eick, Jen Halley, Claudia Molina and Bodie Olmos.

She rocked it

“Luciana rocked it!” Mark Dacascos, host of Iron Chef, praises Luciana after they had performed a scene from David Rabe’s play, Hurlyburly, at a workshop conducted by acting teacher Larry Moss (full story)

Phenomenal actress

“She’s a phenomenal actress and there’s only so many actresses who can do and understand what we require them to do, so the pool can be rather small. But, we loved working with her again” David Eick, executive producer of Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, explains why Luciana got another recurring role in the same fictional universe (full story)

Sweet and fun

“Oh, she’s really fun. Yeah, she’s really sweet.” Before she played Seelix on Battlestar Galactica, Jen Halley frequently met Luciana when both actresses had a recurring role on The Chris Isaak Show (full story)

Capacity to feel

“I chose Luciana through an audition. She showed her vulnerability and capacity to feel. That’s what I love about her. She also takes her work very seriously and is very dedicated. I’m proud of her.” Director Claudia Molina explains why she cast Luciana in her short film, Passageway.

It played well

“Well, I’d have to say probably Luciana Carro. One, because we worked a lot together, and I felt that we had a lot of fun working opposite each other. It played well.” Bodie Olmos, who played Hotdog on Battlestar Galactica, reveals his favorite castmate, and whose acting style meshed with his the most – it’s the same person… (full story)

To be continued…

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