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Hundreds of pictures from Dragon*Con

After some conventions only very few photos of Luciana find their way to the web, and after others there are so many it becomes almost impossible to sort through all of them. Where Dragon*Con is concerned the latter is true. … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con: Watch the entire Friday panel!

How about watching some videos from Dragon*Con? Hikaruchan recorded the entire Friday panel and uploaded the video to YouTube. The participants were Kevin Grazier, Michael Hogan, Alessandro Juliani, Kandyse McClure, Michael Trucco, Kate Vernon – and Luciana in her fantastic … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con: Battlestar panels, part 1

Dragon*Con is over, but our coverage has just begun! (See this post for the first Luciana pictures from the Atlanta conventi0n.) Now, did you know that Luciana sat on a Battlestar Galactica panel on each of Dragon*Con’s four days? Amazing! … Continue reading

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Science is good: first pics from Dragon*Con

Surprisingly, at this point there seem to be less pictures and reports from Dragon*Con than from the equally Battlestar-studded San Diego Comic-Con. Yet, we’ve got some photos of Luciana, and more are certain to follow! — The following, lovely picture … Continue reading

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Luciana at Dragon*Con this week

Luciana and many of her Battlestar and Caprica colleagues are in Atlanta this weekend to attend Dragon*Con, the gargantuan annual pop culture expo that runs from Friday through Monday (September 4-7). Luciana will sign autographs every day, and she’s also … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con: Schedules and prices

Dragon*Con is mere days away, so it’s about time for some info on Luciana’s appearance at the giant annual pop culture expo in Atlanta. And a dozen other Battlestar veterans will be there as well. Fortunately, meshel73 posted a comprehensive … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con: BSG panels, Scifi dinner

As you probably know, Luciana and a dozen fellow Battlestar people will attend next month’s gargantuan Dragon*Con (September 4-7 in Atlanta, Georgia). — The American Sci-Fi Media Track have recently posted the Battlestar and Caprica themed guest panels for this … Continue reading

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