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First pictures from Deck the Halls

While we eagerly wait for the new season of Falling Skies, which will premiere next summer, we should not forget that another project of Luciana’s is just around the corner – Christmas-themed movie of the week, Deck the Halls. Starring … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Women Calendar

In case you don’t have a calendar for 2012 yet (or just need an excuse to look at a beautiful picture of Luciana for a month), this may be something for you: The Science Fiction Women Calendar with photographs by … Continue reading

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Battlestar series wrap video

Remember Dennys Ilic’s wonderful Battlestar series wrap video (also knowns as Tribute to Rymer)? Almost exactly one year ago the video had been available on the Internet for a short while – and instantly captivated fans all over the world. … Continue reading

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New shot by Dennys Ilic

Amazingly talented photographer Dennys Ilic kindly sent us another Luciana shot this week. That’s picture number six, and of course it’s hot. View all the shots on the Fansite’s Dennys Ilic page!

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Amazing photography by Dennys Ilic

Today we proudly added four amazingly beautiful, moody and skillful shots to the Fansite’s Dennys Ilic page. Thank you, Dennys! Dennys Ilic is an accomplished Australian photographer who did photo shoots with several members of the cast and crew of … Continue reading

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