Falling Skies 3×03 “Badlands” – screen caps

Here are the screen caps for the latest episode of Falling Skies, “Badlands”. The episode was written by John Wirth and Crazy Lee has most of her scenes with Pope (Colin Cunningham) and Matt Mason (Maxim Knight).
The scren caps are already spoilery, so you should only look at them if you haven’t seen the episode, and you’ll find major spoilers below. Usually I try to avoid spoilers, but that would have been rather difficult in this case.

MAJOR SPOILERS below the pictures:


There’s good news and bad news. The good news: There’s more Crazy Lee in this episode than ever before. The bad news: There won’t be any more crazy Lee after this one. Battlestar Galactica fans might be reminded of “The Passage”, in which Luciana’s character Kat died a rather slow death. The same happens here. Crazy Lee gets mortally wounded at the beginning of the episode, and just as in “The Passage”, Luciana delivers a wonderful and very moving performance. Where story and acting are concerned, this was a beautiful farewell to Crazy Lee, but it’s a really sad story. What makes her death even more tragic is the fact that she doesn’t die fighting the alien occupation force, but is shot by a human sniper who claims to be working for the president of the United States (no, not Mason, other one) and doesn’t like the human resistance working with any kind of alien.

One of the main points of having Crazy Lee killed off certainly was to show a different side of the lead berserker, Pope, and it works. He really cares for his people, and we see a far more emotional side of him than we did before, which makes the character more likable and human. Colin Cunningham, as usual, is great at his job. A bit surprisingly, Luciana has a lot of scenes with Matt Mason (Maxim Knight) this time. He, too, does an excellent job, and it’s great to see Crazy Lee interact with someone different for a change. It would probably have worked a bit better if it was established in previous episodes that Matt likes Craze, though.

Seeing Crazy Lee lying there, impaled by the rebar after she got hit is quite disturbing, and both the viewer and Crazy Lee know she won’t make it. Knowing one will die soon and having to cope with that has to be one of the most harrowing experiences imaginable, and it probably wasn’t an easy job for Luciana portraying this situation, but she did it very well.

Crazy Lee was a nice addition to the series, but now it’s goodbye and we’ll be looking forward to whatever interesting characters Luciana will bring to life on our screens in the future.

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