Falling Skies 3×01 and 3×02 – screen caps

Season 3 of Falling Skies kicked off with two action-packed episodes, and Luciana had scenes in both of them. As is usual with Falling Skies, making screen caps proved to be difficult because of the darkly lit scenes and motion blur of the always moving camera (both of which add to the gritty atmosphere, of course).

Slight spoilers below the pictures:

Both episodes were fast paced and entertaining and overall a very good way to start the season. The new aliens who arrived in the finale of season 2, called the Vohm, have allied themselves with the human resistance. They are few in numbers, but help the Second Mass by giving them advanced technology. Yet the humans are understandably wary about the newcomers, as it may of course be completely possible the Vohm will take over Earth themselves after they’ve won. But for the moment the Second Mass needs all the help it can get, and the guerrilla tactics against the aliens are working, so well in fact the aliens have to resort to heavier weapons and espionage, both of which the Second Mass has to deal with in these two episodes.

Despite the Vohm and the rebel Skitters, the Berserkers (including Crazy Lee, of course) are still an important part of the resistance and participate in several battles, which means we get to see Luciana in action scenes again.

Speaking of the Berserkers, they still don’t seem to have have found out the resistance has access to soap. Seriously, why are they always so dirty? During fights when they hide in the woods that’s understandable, but all the people in Charleston are clean, only the Berserkers seem to get dirtier from episode to episode. You can barely recognize Luciana beneath all that dirt.
Another complaint is about the scientist who helps in the attack on the power plant. They could have done without making him such a stereotype. But my biggest problem with this episode was the harnessed children that were hardly human anymore and fought against the Second Mass. Yes, this show is gritty and has to show how horrifying the war can be, but seeing members of the resistance kill children is too disturbing for my comfort.

The first episode was written by Remi Aubuchon, co-creator of Caprica, the second one by BSG veterans Bradley Thompson & David Weddle. Fans of Battlestar Galactica are treated with a very obvious nod to BSG. Is Karen a Cylon? ;)

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