NCIS: Los Angeles “The Chosen One” – screen caps

Here are some screen caps of Luciana from her guest appearance in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode “The Chosen One”.
Luciana played Gloria Seggara, a member of a terrorist cell that planned a suicide bombing.

Slight spoilers below

Gloria Seggara was very different from the roles Luciana has played so far, and it’s always wonderful to see her portray something new. It was probably the first time she played a “real” villain, or at least that’s what it would have seemed like at first glance when we saw that she was a member of the terrorist group, but it soon became clear this wasn’t really the case. Of course, she participated in a plot to kill lots of innocent people, which certainly would qualify her as a villain, but the way she was recruited into the terrorist cell makes it clear she herself was also a victim of these terrorists.

Gloria’s story was a tragic one, a woman with a troubled past who was recruited by the terrorists and whose wish to be understood and loved and belong somewhere made her blind to how terrible the things the terror cell planned were. It practically allowed them to completely brainwash her and make her believe in their twisted opinions about their “cause”.
Luciana does a very good job portraying this troubled and mislead woman and despite the horrifying plan she participates in, you can’t help but feel sorry for Gloria. Particularly when you see what the leader of the terrorists ask her to do for him and his plan.

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