Falling Skies 2×10 “A More Perfect Union” – screen caps

As Sunday’s episode was the season finale, these will be my last Falling Skies screen caps for quite a while. But don’t worry, season 3 will commence filming very soon and Luciana is already in the process of getting ready to play Crazy Lee again.
Unfortunately, Crazy Lee didn’t have that much screen time in this episode, so the number and diversity of screen caps is limited this time, but I really liked her in the scenes she did have.

“A More Perfect Union” was written by no less than three former Battlestar Galactica writers/producers: Remi Aubuchon (yes, I know, he worked on Caprica and not on Battlestar Galactica itself, but that’s still part of the BSG universe), Bradley Thompson and David Weddle.

This episode being the finale, I want to avoid spoilers even more than usual for the people who haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll keep this short.
The episode kicks off with exactly the scene where the last one ended. I love serialized drama a lot more than standalone episodes, and while some of the stories are self contained, Falling Skies usually builds upon previous episodes. That’s of course a matter of personal preferences and standalone stories and have advantages for casual viewers, but I’m glad Falling Skies tells more or less one continuous story.

Finally, the Second Mass is taking the fight to the enemy, despite efforts (that include despicable actions) by certain people from Charleston to prevent what they consider a suicide mission. It’s great to see them try and win a military victory that would set back the aliens (and I won’t tell the outcome) and it’s also nice to see the skitter rebellion come to fruition, but the Second Mass pays a high price for their efforts. So expect a shocking and sad scene.
Also, expect a cliffhanger at the end, as is standard for a series like this. And I would love to share my speculations about it, but I don’t want to give it away.
A aspect of this episode I didn’t like is the lack of screen time for Crazy Lee, especially during the action sequences. But, and that’s the one spoiler I already shared at the beginning of the post, Crazy Lee survives, so there is hope she’ll see more action next year.

Looking back on the season, I have to say it was wonderful to see Luciana kicking some butt on a sci fi series again. I love seeing her play completely different characters and showing her versatility, but I just have a soft spot for tough chicks, so this was particularly exciting for me and I’m looking forward to the next season.

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