Falling Skies 2×09 “The Price of Greatness” – screen caps

Here are screen caps of the latest Falling Skies episode, “The Price of Greatness”, which was written by Battlestar Galactica writer Mark Verheiden. But that’s not the only connection to BSG. Apart from the usual suspects (Luciana and Ryan Robbins), this episode also features a guest appearance of Ty Olsson (Capt. Kelly on BSG).

The text below the screen caps contains mild spoilers, but nothing that would ruin the episode for you if you haven’t seen it yet. Of course, the screen caps themselves are a tiny bit spoilery, too, at least where Crazy Lee and the Berserkers are concerned.

The Second Mass finally arrived in Charleston at the end of the last episode, and now, after the hardships they have endured, Charleston seems like heaven on Earth at first, with the survivors there having built a hidden community where they can live a relatively normal life. Yet after their initial euphoria, the Second Mass soon discovers the downsides of their new home and conflicts with the locals ensue.
The Second Mass wants take the fight to the enemy. Which is sensible, because with a Skitter rebellion against the alien overlords going on the chances would be better than ever, especially if they use the resources of Charleston. Just sitting there and hiding doesn’t accomplish anything, the aliens won’t go away, and them finding the settlement sooner or later (even if it’s a year or a decade from now) would be pretty much inevitable. Some of the military personnel of Charleston are in agreement with the Second Mass on this point, but the civilian leader of the community on the other hand wants to keep a low profile no matter the price instead of fighting the invaders, which doesn’t sit well with Mason and Weaver. Any more plot details would be too spoilery, like usually, I don’t want to give away too much.

The Berserkers, not surprisingly, get themselves into trouble (as you can see from some of the screen caps). Again, I don’t want to spoil anything, so you’ll have to see yourself what happens. But let’s just say, I don’t think Crazy Lee will let Tector bounce on any more beds with her anytime soon. Since the Berserkers play a bigger part again this time, it luckily also means Luciana gets some screen time and it’s fun watching her do her job (and do it well) portraying Crazy Lee.

Even without any aliens on screen this time, the episode was interesting and entertaining. It’s clear that different people would have different opinions about what to do in the situations the survivors find themselves in, and “The Price of Greatness” focuses completely on the potential of conflict this provides. I particularly liked how this forced several characters to make uncomfortable decisions about whether to follow their superior’s orders or their own beliefs and where their loyalties should lie. And again, the end has left me looking forward to the next episode and I wonder what the finale has in store for us.

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