Falling Skies 2x05 "Love and Other Acts of Courage" - screen caps

Falling Skies’ latest episode, “Love and Other Acts of Courage”, premiered this Sunday, and unlike the previous episode, this one features Luciana as Crazy Lee once again.

Below the screen caps you’ll find a few thoughts of mine on the episode.

Again, there will be some spoilers below, but I’ll try to not give away too many major plot points for the people who haven’t seen the episode yet.

First of all, Luciana gets more screen time than in her earlier episodes. Crazy Lee and her fellow Berserker Tector (played by Luciana’s Battlestar Galactica and Caprica cast mate Ryan Robbins) are featured a lot in this episode, scouting and scavenging the town for medical supplies and a new home for the Second Mass. They do find the supplies and some rest in the clean beds of a hospital, or at least they would have found some rest if they weren’t busy doing… something else. Speaking of which, it looks like Lee and Tector are a couple. And speaking of “clean”, why do the regular resistance fighters of the second mass appear clean between the fights while the Berserkers are always covered in dirt? Well, I guess this is just supposed to make them look tougher and easily recognizable. ;-)
It seems like the hospital will be the new home for the Second Mass, at least until the aliens find them again.

The episode was interesting and entertaining. It was established previously that the formerly harnessed kids (who still have the spikes in their spines where the harnesses were cut off) still have some sort of connection with the aliens, and this connection plays a major role in this episode. I’m glad they didn’t drag this storyline out too long until Mason finds out about it.
Also, this episode focuses on one matter I’ve been thinking about since we found out the skitters are harnessed and obviously controlled by the tall fish faced aliens in season one, and the Second Mass was finally told what one had to suspect: The skitters’ home world was invaded and their children were harnessed and enslaved, the same thing that happens to humans on Earth. While we can’t be sure it’s the complete truth truth, at least part of it seems very likely. I’ve always wondered why the resistance fighters were so fond of killing skitters, when they always had to at least account for the possibility that the skitters were helping the invasion only because they are harnessed and may be no more evil than the human children the aliens abduct. Of course fighting for the survival of the human race makes it a necessity to fight skitters, but still… This episode finally tackles this topic, but we still don’t know the whole truth. Are the skitters really ruthless and kill without remorse like Tom Mason suspects, or are they a peaceful race and just seem to be ruthless killers because the harnesses turn them into ones against their will, like the “renegade” skitter claims? Hopefully we’ll find out the truth about this one day and whether the skitter rebellion is real or just a ploy to try and lure the Second Mass into a trap. Either way, things are getting more and more interesting, and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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