Falling Skies 2x03 "Compass" - screen caps

Season two of Falling Skies continued with the third episode, “Compass”, this Sunday. Being a crazy tough chick, Luciana’s character doesn’t talk a lot, but she did have a lot more screen time than in the previous episode.

Below the screen caps you’ll find a few thoughts of mine on the episode.

I won’t review the full episodes so people who haven’t seen them yet can read these blog entries without the need to worry about major spoilers. This is especially true for people in countries where the new season doesn’t air yet or where they are/will be a few episodes behind, like Great Britain where the new season is scheduled to start on July 3. But smaller spoilers obviously can’t be avoided completely, so you have been warned.

This episode includes a very sad storyline I won’t go into because that would be too spoilery, but there is a lot of other stuff going on in “Compass” one can talk about without giving too much away.
Not surprisingly, Pope and his gang of malcontents, the Berserkers, still don’t trust Tom Mason after his return from captivity, and they are trying to solve the problem their way. We find out how far Crazy Lee’s loyalty to pope goes and where it’s limits are in a scene at the beginning of this episode where the Berserkers kidnapped Tom Mason and near the end where she had to make a decision about who to follow.
It was an unusual move of Tom to join the Berserkers after being kidnapped by them to keep an eye on Pope, as it would be easy for them to arrange an “accident” during a battle, so I’m not sure what to think of this idea. On the other hand, he may have figured this was his best chance to try and win Pope’s trust, as unlikely as that was, and while Pope’s a jerk and a criminal, he is a very effective resistance fighter and the second mass needs him badly. I wonder why Crazy Lee joined the Berserkers in the first place, does she trust Pope because he is so effective and she thinks she’s got the best chances of survival around him, or is she a bad girl herself and they are just two of a kind? Either way, the “Crazy” in Crazy Lee is well deserved. Whether we ever find out about her motivations is questionable, as Lee isn’t exactly the most talkative person, but TV tough chicks/guys, especially in a gang like the Berserkers, seldom are ;-) And it doesn’t really matter as long as Luciana gets screen time. And I’m happy Pope and his gang are there, it gives the series a more interesting dynamic than if it was just about the fight against the aliens. The second mass is composed of very different people who are forced to work together in order to survive, so there will be frictions, which makes it a lot more interesting than if the resistance movement was just one coherent group of people.
Speaking of the resistance movement, so far the Second Mass was all on it’s own, they didn’t really have a means of communication to get in contact with other resistance cells. Now this might change with the arrival of a new character called Avery Churchill (played by Camille Sullivan), a pilot who is acting as a courier trying to make contact with as many resistance groups as possible. I certainly hope this storyline sees further development, coordinating their actions would give the resistance groups a better chance to defeat the invaders, so establishing communications would be a top priority and should be thematized on the show.

On an interesting side note, Camille Sullivan was on Battlestar Galactica in the episode “The Hand of God”. She played a Viper pilot called Stepchild who fought alongside Kat and got killed during the attack on the Cylon refinery. Let’s hope her Falling Skies character doesn’t get shot out of the sky by the bad guys.

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