Falling Skies premieres tomorrow

Finally, the time has almost arrived. The second season of Falling Skies kicks off tomorrow with a two hour event, so more than half a year after we found out about Luciana’s new role we will finally see her as Crazy Lee!

The first two episodes of the season will air 9|8c on TNT. Both of these episodes were penned by writers who previously worked on Battlestar Galactica. Episode one was written by Mark Verheiden (who gave Lucci’s character Kat the opportunity for a memorable appearance in the BSG episode “Final Cut”), while Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, a team you just can’t break up, were responsible for the second episode. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Crazy Lee makes her first appearance in episode two, after all this would only be fitting as Thompson and Weddle were the ones who created her BSG character Kat when they introduced her in the episode “Act of Contrition”.

Luciana as Crazy Lee on the set of Falling Skies

Luciana as Crazy Lee on the set of Falling Skies

While you wait for the premiere, you can have a look at the official website and read the webcomic “Battle of Fitchburg” (Crazy Lee is in the fourth chapter), which follows the Second Mass – the resistance group of which Crazy Lee is a member – during the time between the two seasons.

Also, the Huffington Post has a non-spoilery review of the second season which compares the series to Battlestar Galactica.

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