Happy Birthday, Luciana!

Today is the birthday of a lovely and charming woman. A woman who enchanted us time and time again both on the screen by doing a wonderful job portraying so many different characters and off the screen by being such a kind and marvelous person.

Happy Birthday, Luciana! We wish you a day that is as special as you are and a future filled with all the joy and success you so deserve.

– The Fansite/Blog team (Frosty, Pedda and Solium)

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Luciana!

  1. ken r chopee says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Lucianna

    i had the opportunity to meet Lucianna a few year back in Toronto, i knew it was her birthday and gave her a yellow rose, a card and some choclates, my birthday is the 24th of March and was happy to find out how close her birthday was to mine, Lucianna actually sent me a beautiful letter with her picture and mentioned that she was glad that i was the person who acquired her flightsuit from Propworx from Battlestar Galactica and i was the one who acquired her shoes as well, not to mention the fact that i was bidding against her mother for them. Lucianna if you get a chance to read this, if you want to contact me with your mother’s address in Toronto, my belated gift to you are the shoes you wore in Galactica that your mother was bidding on. my email is ken-obican@sympatico.ca and again. Happy Belated Birthday

    Ken R Chopee
    Oshawa, Ontario

  2. Frosty JG says:

    Hello Ken! Thanks for sharing this very sweet and nice story! I’m not sure how often she visits this fansite (especially the older posts), so if you want to contact her, Facebook would probably be the best option. Also, she is on Twitter now as well.

  3. ken r chopee says:

    Hello Frosty

    I can’t remember my facebook password and can’t read security code, if there is any way you can relay my message to Luciana it would be greatly appreciated, my home # is 905 728 6815


    Ken R Chopee

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