First pictures from Deck the Halls

While we eagerly wait for the new season of Falling Skies, which will premiere next summer, we should not forget that another project of Luciana’s is just around the corner – Christmas-themed movie of the week, Deck the Halls. Starring Luciana as driver Rosita, and based on a mystery novel by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark, Deck the Halls will air on December 20.

Just in time for the beginning of the holiday season, TNT has released the first pictures from Deck the Halls – and Luciana is in three of them. Luciana sports very curly hair, wearing a red sweater in the first pic, and wearing a suit in the last two stills, where she is obviously being held hostage along with Santa Claus. ;-)

(To browse the complete gallery, go here, click “Deck the Halls” on the left, then click “Photos” above the synopsis.)

Now look at these stills, then go back to my last post with the photo from Falling Skies. Could the difference be any bigger? A businesswoman in a suit here, a fierce resistance fighter there – and Luciana makes both of them look great! That’s what I love most about her job, it’s always amazing to see her portray characters who are so different.

Speaking of photos: Dennys Ilic has published another one of his wonderful shots of Luciana, just a few weeks after the Science Fiction Women calendar – which features a photo of Luciana from the same shoot – became available.

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