Icarus trailer coming soon

Nutopia Kim and her team are working hard on the trailer for their independent web series, The Icarus II Project. As Luciana plays the lead role, we can expect to get a first glimpse of her in Icarus in this trailer.

According to IMDb the name of Luciana’s character is not Owens anymore, but Carmen Maldonado. Owens was the name of the main character in the Icarus concept film that was made a while ago (before Luciana came aboard to replace the original lead actress). While IMDb isn’t always reliable, it is quite plausible the name was changed because a Latin-looking actress plays the part now. It is also interesting that Maldonado is the last name of composer Eddie Maldonado, who is in the process of creating an original score for the The Icarus II Project.

They plan to release the trailer this month, when color correction, VFX and scoring it are finished.

The first episode is still scheduled to premiere at San Diego Comic Con, which takes place July 21-24. Filming for it finished a while ago, so let’s hope there won’t be any delays in post production and they can finish it in time for the convention. We certainly are looking forward to seeing Luciana in this interesting project.

Needless to say, as soon as the trailer is released we’ll write about it here on the blog.

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