Spring updates: Banksy, cons and props

In lieu of full-fledged blog posts, today we’ve got a list of interesting newsbits, updates and reminders:

  • First of all, Luciana is going to be in Denver, Colorado this weekend to attend StarFest 2011. Other guests include Jeffrey Combs, a co-star of Luciana’s in the recently released Urgency, and former Battlestar castmate Mark Sheppard.
  • Following two weekends of principle shooting in late February and early March, The Icarus II Project is now in post-production. While creator Nutopia Kim and composer Eddie Maldonado are editing the material and working on the music, you may browse through a nice gallery of photos taken behind the scenes of the original concept pilot (which was shot before Luciana joined the cast).
  • When “Crayon Boy” – a piece of street art created by British guerilla artist Banksy in Westwood, Los Angeles – was threatened with removal, Luciana posted a picture of herself leaning against the graffiti to support campaigns for the preservation of this and other works of street art:
Banksy's Crayon Boy in Westwood, Los Angeles

Banksy's Crayon Boy in Westwood, Los Angeles

Luciana Carro leaning against Crayon Boy

Luciana Carro leaning against Crayon Boy

  • Remember when Propworx sold two Luciana-related backup props – Priyah Magnus’ watch and her Graystone badge? As it happens, the original, screen used props were auctioned just a few days later. Ironically, they went for less than what was paid for the backups!
  • Meanwhile, we have yet to hear anything new about Traveling at the Speed of Life. When we asked Ben Cotton – who stars as a man named Armstrong – about the film’s release, he presumed it would be screened at festivals at some point. Speaking of Cotton: He portrays young William Adama in the upcoming Battlestar prequel, Blood & Chrome. Great guy, by the way, and talented, too. Small wonder you see him everywhere.
  • Oh, and don’t forget that Luciana is scheduled to be a guest at this year’s London Film & Comic Con (July 8-10). Not sure if we’re gonna make it, though.

Well, that’s it for today. Next up: Fantastic Everwood news!

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