Urgency DVD released in the US

This is just a quick reminder that indie thriller Urgency, with Luciana as the female lead, was released in the US last month. The movie started filming in late 2007 (then known under the working title Fast Track), but was unable to find distribution in the US for several years. Now, two months after the DVD release in France, the movie was finally released on March 15 in the US as well.

Region 1 cover of the Urgency DVD

Region 1 cover of the Urgency DVD

The DVD is pretty bare bones, the only extra is a tailer for the movie. Language is English (5.1 Surround and 2.0 Dolby Digital), and English subtitles are included as well. The picture quality is what one would expect from a DVD and probably the best we’ll ever see of this movie, as there is no indication it will ever be released on Blu-ray.

Amazon.com is selling the DVD for $ 15.99,l and they also have the movie available for download/online viewing via their instant video service. A 3-day rental costs $ 3.99, or you can buy the movie for $ 14.99, slightly less than the DVD. Instant video is only available within the United States, but Amazon.com does ship DVDs to other countries.

If you want more information about this movie and Luciana’s part in it, check out the Luciana Carro Fansite’s Urgency page (including a trailer and a dozen promo stills of Luciana) as well as our previous posts about Urgency on this blog.

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