Beginning of Line

As you know, Caprica was canceled last year, the final episodes have aired in the U.S., and Luciana’s costumes have been auctioned off in the last couple of weeks.

But a group of Caprica fans have decided to continue the story themselves with a series of short fan fiction stories, to show what could have been and explore the characters and the vast universe laid out in Battlestar Galactica and Caprica.

This project is called Beginning of Line (a spin on the phrase “End of line” repeatedly said by the Cylon hybrids in Battlestar Galactica) and was created by and PopMatters contributor Teresa Jusino. The new series’ second “episode”, Prototype, written by Juanita Martinez, was released a few days ago, and we’re happy to report that Luciana’s character – Priyah Magnus – is not forgotten! It’s only a minor appearance, but Priyah still works for Graystone Industries in this unofficial continuation of Caprica’s story.

Beginning of Line will have 18 episodes which will be released on a weekly basis together with Caprica fan art. Of course, a lot of the fun was to actually watch and hear Luciana portray this character, but this way we can at least have some new Priyah moments thanks to the imagination of these devoted fans of the series. So let’s see if she reappears in future Beginning of Line stories.

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