Caprica news: Dress auction and UK DVD

We haven’t written about Priyah Magnus and Caprica in a while, so it’s about time for a roundup. Well, you all heard the bad news: Caprica is cancelled, so unless Priyah will feature in Caprica Season 2: Beginning of Line or other fan fiction, we’ll never know more about more her than what we saw in those three episodes at the beginning of the only actual season.

The good news: To coincide with Tuesday’s unceremonious back-to-back premiere of Caprica’s final episodes on Syfy, Propworx launched the official Caprica Prop and Costume Auctions. Over the course of six weeks, they’re going to sell hundreds of screen-used items and pieces of concept art. And I’m very happy to report this week’s set of 80+ auctions includes Priyah Magnus’ dress from “Gravedancing“:

Dress worn by Luciana Carro as Priyah Magnus in Caprica 1.04 "Gravedancing"

Dress worn by Luciana Carro as Priyah Magnus in Caprica 1.04 "Gravedancing"

The costume is described as follows:

Production description: Screen-used outfit was worn by Luciana Carro as “Priyah Magnus” in “Gravedancing”. Priyah was a private consultant brought in to help change Daniel Graystone’s “press look” after the Mag Lev bombing.

Technical description: Black orange and crème sleeveless dress with zip-up back. Includes a red coral leather jacket with button up front. No size information is available.

Bidding on this item ends January 9, 2011, at 18:56:34 PST. We have no idea if other Priyah dresses will be sold, too. What we do know, however, is that there won’t be any shiny catalogs or fancy live auctions this time. Given Caprica’s limited popularity you can’t really blame them for those decisions, though.

Meanwhile, across the pond, this week also saw the long-anticipated release of Caprica Season 1.0 on DVD in the United Kingdom. Just like US version, this new UK set contains the TV version of the two-hour pilot as well as the first eight regular episodes, including the cherished trio of Priyah eps – “Reins of a Waterfall“, “Gravedancing” and “There Is Another Sky“.

Speaking of “There Is Another Sky”: That episode was nominated for an Emmy in the “Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series” category last year, which makes it the second TV episode featuring Luciana to be up for an Emmy. The first nomination was for the two-hour opener of Battlestar Galactica’s third season, “Occupation“/”Precipice“. I’m still happy Ronald D. Moore actually won the award for that marvelous script…

Now go bid on that dress!

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2 Responses to Caprica news: Dress auction and UK DVD

  1. Teresa says:

    Hey there! Just letting you know that Priyah features in Episode 2 over at Beginning of Line. That story, called “Prototype,” posts on Tuesday, January 18th. :) Hope you all will stop by and visit! And thanks so much for the mention of BOL! :)

    – Teresa Jusino
    Editor, Beginning of Line

  2. Frosty JG says:

    Hello Teresa!

    Thank you for letting us know! I’m very happy you and the team of “Beginning of Line” continue to tell the story of Caprica and explore this this interesting universe after the series was canceled. And of course I’m also glad about Priyah’s appearance!
    I wish you fund and success with this project!

    Editor, Luciana Carro Fans

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