Luciana to go after astral crime

We’re very happy to report some exciting news: The tough chick is loose again! Luciana is going to play the lead role in the new independent web series, The Icarus II Project.

Luciana will play agent Owens in this action-oriented web series, which is set to debut at San Diego Comic Con on July 22, 2011. With The Icarus II Project being a small independent production, the budget is of course going to be rather small, but the people involved are very passionate about bringing their ideas to life and making this project a reality. The scripts were written by project creator Nutopia Kim (who also will star in the series) together with Battlestar Galactica/Caprica writer/producer Michael Taylor and filming is scheduled to commence in February. Luciana is getting extensive weapons training for her role as an agent in the “Astral Projection Crime Prevention Unit”,  and she is very excited about this action-oriented part.

You can watch an early version of the pilot (without Luciana) on the official website to get a better feel what this is about, but the pilot episode is going to be re-shot, and there will be at least two additional episodes which are currently planned to be released in August and September, respectively. More episodes are possible if there is enough funding.

With a release in July, we may see Luciana fight in virtual reality for The Icarus II Project before we see her as the Virgin Mary in Charlotta, Luciana’s first work for a web series, one which unfortunately doesn’t have a release date yet.

Of course we will inform you on this blog when new info is available or when the first pictures of Luciana from this project are released.

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