Traveling at the Speed of Life

Some of you may have noticed a film named Traveling at the Speed of Life was added to Luciana’s IMDb page a few days ago. But despite the 2011 date on IMDb, this is not a new project at all. In fact, this movie I have never heard about until a few days ago was filmed back in early 2006, it just doesn’t seem to have been released yet.

Traveling at the Speed of Life is a Canadian independent film produced and directed by Brent Crowell, who worked as an assistant director on Doctor Dolittle 3, another film featuring Luciana. The drama is about a young man whose life gets shaken up by the return of an ex lover, and it was filmed in Vancouver with a tiny budget of only $10,000. You can find more info about the movie on the North Shore News website.

According to the IMDb, Luciana has a supporting role in this movie, playing a character named Jody. In a very early version of the script,  Jody is a waitress who has several scenes in the later part of the movie and ends up getting a cup of coffee thrown all over her. ;-) But of course there may be major differences between this version and the shooting script.

The burning question right now is when and in which form this film will be released. The IMDb says 2011, but it doesn’t have an exact date so this has to be taken with a grain of salt. Now, next to the thriller Urgency, we have another independent film project with Luciana that is still awaiting a proper release. If we find more information about Luciana’s part in the movie or a firm release date, we will of course report it on this blog. And if you have any info about this project, feel free to let me know.

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