FedCon photos – part 2

Our FedCon coverage continues with a lot of lovely pictures of Luciana. FedCon XIX was attended by more than 5000 people, so you can imagine that many of them took pictures at the event and uploaded them to the internet. This post includes links to several galleries and single pictures featuring Luciana. Enjoy!

Luciana talking at the BSG tribute panel (photo by vpk)

Luciana talking at the BSG tribute panel (photo by vpk)


  • candylies has half a dozen pictures of the Battlestar Galactica tribute panel
  • vpk has three more pics of the same panel
  • Trek Zone has pictures of the BSG tribute panel and the press conference, many of which show Luciana
  • mina_from_transylvania’s FedCon gallery at Flickr includes almost 1500 pictures on 25 pages. Photos of Luciana at the opening ceremony are on page one, and those from the tribute panel can be found on pages 16 and 17

Apart from these galleries, there are also several noteworthy single pics hidden deep in the darkness of the interweb.


  • Ben Fredericson shared a nice picture of the the BSG guests at the tribute panel
  • The people of FedCon themselves posted a very cute photo of Lucci on their Facebook page.
  • A beautiful closeup of Luciana’s face can be found on the website of uux Events.
  • Aurelianne has posted a photo of Luciana at the opening ceremony and another one from the tribute panel
  • baltar750 tweeted a pic of Luciana at her autograph table.
  • Doomgiver, a member of the German-speaking Caprica City community, has built a wonderful model of a Viper MkII with a Kat nameplate. He shared a photo of his creation (with Lucci’s signature on its display stand) and a picture of the fighter together with its pilot on the Caprica City message board. The text is in German, but the pics speak for themselves ;-)

And guess what? There are enough other galleries about FedCon with pictures of Luciana out there to make another blog entry. Which I will, so stay tuned.

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