A guest to remember: Hidden Palms on DVD

Do you remember the first show Luciana guest starred in after her stint on Battlestar Galactica? That was Hidden Palms. Even if you haven’t seen the episode, you may have seen part of Luciana’s scene in her demo reel.

Hidden Palms was a coming-of-age drama that aired on The CW in summer 2007. The show centered on the lives of several teens and their families in Palm Springs, California, many of whom had a secret or two. Despite creator Kevin Williamson’s credentials (Scream, Dawson’s Creek, Vampire Diaries), Hidden Palms fared poorly and was canceled after just eight episodes.

Luciana Carro in Hidden Palms

Luciana Carro in Hidden Palms

Luciana guest-starred in the third episode, “Party Hardy”. She had two scenes as Kaylie, an outgoing teen who loves to party hard. Kaylie quickly gets drunk at her friend’s party and hits on Cliff, one of the series regulars. You can view Luciana’s two scenes and a dozen screencaps here at the Luciana Carro Fansite.

Why am I bringing this up today?

Well, a short-lived and poorly received show, Hidden Palms is not available on DVD in any of the large markets, unfortunstely. That’s why I was stunned to learn there is one country where the show has been released – the Netherlands! Who would have thought?

Hidden Palms (RC2 DVD, Netherlands)

Hidden Palms (RC2 DVD, Netherlands)

The text on the packaging is in Dutch, of course, but don’t worry – everything else is in English, and the Dutch subtitles are optional. The quality is average. Needless to say, it feels great to add this 2-disc set to your Luciana-themed collection!

There’s a few catches, though: Whereas Dutch site bol.com sells Hidden Palms for as little as ten euros (13 US dollars, plus international shipping), you’ll have to pay much more than that at Amazon (see links below). Most importantly, this Region 2 PAL DVD requires a region specific or multi-region DVD player and compatible TV. Buyers from North America should check their equipment first.

Anyway, enjoy watching Luciana as an intoxicated party crasher! ;-)

Hidden Palms links


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