FedCon: Video salute to the fans

We apologize for the light blogging this week. On one hand, people have posted tons of fantastic pictures, videos, interviews and reports from FedCon XIX, many of which deserve to be re-posted here. On the other hand, Pedda and I have yet to fully recover from the four-day weekend in Bonn, Germany.

And what a marvelous weekend it was!

Our friends René and Micha used the opportunity to record two little video greetings of Luciana during the autograph session.

In the first one, Luciana greets the visitors of the German Battlestar Galactica website Caprica City, of which René and my co-blogger Pedda are admins:

This wasn’t the first time she promoted Caprica City

As you can see below she recorded a little video for this website back in 2007 at the Utopia 8 convention, Luciana’s first event in Europe. Of course, our fansite and blog didn’t exist back then.

But now, Luciana does have a website and a blog devoted to her, so of course we have a little video of her promoting our Luciana Carro Fansite:

There will be more FedCon coverage in the next few days, with beautiful pictures and more goodies, so stay tuned!

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