April-July wallpaper calendar

Last month, our friend Cassie released another wallpaper and calendar featuring Luciana. Like the last one, this one is also Caprica themed. Instead of the promo picture from the episode “Gravedancing” on which the previous wallpaper was based, this one makes use of several screen caps from the same episode.

Clicking on the wallpaper above will lead you to their respective pages on Cassie’s website, where you can download the full sized versions or browse the rest of Cassie’s large gallery containing her previous wallpapers and calendars as well as her Jamie Bamber and Battlestar Galactica fan art. Clicking on the Calendar will bring up the full sized image directly, as Cassie doesn’t have this one in her gallery.

You can also find many other wallpapers on the fansite’s wallpaper page, or discuss them here on the fanboard.

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