Anaheim Comic Con photos

Last weekend, Luciana attended Anaheim Comic Con in California, and judging by the lovely pictures, she had a great time there.

A personal highlight probably was when she was presented with an incredibly detailed scale model of her Viper by one of her fans. Rick, who build the model and posted pictures of it on the Luciana Carro Fanboard before the con, had put a lot of work into the little Viper, and the result certainly is a testimony to his talent. On the Fanboard he wrote about Luciana’s reaction to the unsuspected gift:

She really liked it. You should’ve seen the look on her face. She asked me if I wanted it signed, and I said “no”. She looked stunned, then I said it was for her. The look was priceless!

Rick also took some pictures of the fighter and its new pilot:

Luciana and her new Viper (photo by Rick)

Luciana and her new Viper (photo by Rick)

Looks like she would like to take it for a ride (photo b Rick)

Looks like she would like to take it for a ride (photo b Rick)

(Click on the photos above for larger versions.)

There are a lot more pictures of Luciana from this event, of course. She seemed to have a great time as a judge for the costume contest, as proved by the four photos by (1, 2, 3, 4), and the three pictures by sdoorly (1, 2, 3). Isn’t Gollum hilarious? ;-)

Some other lovely pictures of Luciana and her fans were also posted on her Facebook fanpage (1, 2, 3).

Don’t all these lovely photos make you want to meet her at a convention? After several appearances in the US, in about a week it’s the Europeans who will have a chance to do exactly that when she visits FedCon in Germany. Pedda and I plan to be there, and if you are a fan of Luciana’s and reside in Germany or other countries in central Europe, you should consider coming as well.

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