Preview: Luciana at FedCon XIX

Luciana will be in Bonn, Germany, next week to attend Europe’s largest annual sci-fi convention: FedCon XIX.

Four other Battlestar and Caprica veterans — Aaron Douglas, James Marsters, Kandyse McClure and Tahmoh Penikett — will be there, too. Michael Trucco, however, had to cancel his appearance due to professional commitments (Facing Kate). Still, as in previous years, FedCon XIX is going to be the biggest celebration of Battlestar, its cast and its fans, outside the United States.

Two of those fans are Frosty and yours truly. Needless to say, we are insanely excited about meeting Luciana, and lots of old friends from the Utopia 8, Wolf Crossroads and Wolf Galactica Four conventions, at FedCon.

What follows is an excerpt from the official schedule – a table of all events that we believe are going to involve Luciana, including her Fedlympics charity Wii games for Team Eureka:

Friday (April 30, 2010)

11am–12pm Press conference Hall Liszt
(floor plans)
3.30pm–4.30pm Luciana Carro’s Q&A Main hall
6.45pm–8pm Opening ceremony Main hall

Saturday (May 1, 2010 — holiday!)

10am–12pm Team Eureka’s Fedlympics games Salon Koch
1pm–4pm Autograph session I Hall Beethoven (Holodeck)
6.30pm–7.30pm Costume contest Main hall

Sunday (May 2, 2010)

10am–12pm Autograph session II Holodeck
11am–12pm final Fedlympics games Salon Koch
1pm–2pm Battlestar Q&A (Luciana Carro, Aaron Douglas, Kandyse McClure and Tahmoh Penikett) Main hall
4.30pm–5.45pm Closing ceremony Main hall

Quite a program! Frosty and I are planning on attending all of these events, of course, and we promise to publish as many reports, pictures and videos as possible.

Nine days to go…

FedCon links: official site, schedule, forum, Facebook, Twitter


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