Toronto Comic Con media

Last weekend, Luciana visited her old hometown to attend the Toronto Comic Con. Since then, several photos and videos of this event have found their way to the net.

  • Several fans have uploaded pictures to Luciana’s official Facebook page, one of them shows her together with Magda Magda Apanowicz, two more show Luciana at her table.
  • Photos of the Caprica panel, several of them with Luciana, can be found on Titpic.
  • A further pic, this one of Luciana together with Kandyse McClure, was uploaded to TweetPhoto.
  • There are two photos of Luciana on Flickr, one of her at her table and one from a photoshoot.
  • The website of the Canadian TV channel Space has two short reports of the con. This one has a picture of the Caprica panel, while the second report features a photo of Luciana Luciana and Kandyse. (Space seems to have a slight problem with it’s website, sometimes only a login page appears and the blog index is inaccessible, sometimes it works.)

In addition to the photos, there are two videos of the Battlestar Galactica Q&A on Youtube which feature Luciana.

In this video, she talks about her BSG castmate Mary McDonnell:


And in the clip below she tells the infamous story about how she found out about the death of her character on BSG:


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