Tonight: Third Caprica episode

Today Luciana’s third – and probably final – episode of Caprica will air.

“There is Another Sky” (1.05) was directed by Micheal Nankin, with whom Luciana previously worked on Battlestar Galactica. And like with last week’s episode, it is not known yet who the writer is. In case you need an enticement to watch the episode, you should have a look at the sneak peek featuring Luciana as PR consultant Priyah Magnus that’s discussed in the previous post on this blog.

Luciana Carro as Pryah Magnus in "There is Another Sky"

Luciana Carro as Priyah Magnus in "There is Another Sky"

It’s interesting to see Priyah is still working with Graystone Industries after the Graystones’ appearance on the talk show Backtalk with Baxter Sarno, where they didn’t exactly follow Priyah’s suggestions. But as this is most likely Luciana’s last episode, at least for now, she probably won’t be a permanent employee of Graystone Industries, or at least not one who will be seen again in the near future. Let’s hope there is a second season of Caprica where they bring her back, as there could easily be more occasions where a company like this could use a good PR person.

By the way, there has been some confusion about the spelling of the name of Luciana’s character.
The name first appeared on the IMDb, where it was spelled Pryah (and as of the writing of this blog entry still is), but the closed captions for the episodes spelled it  Priyah, which means both versions were widely used on the web and no one knew which one was correct. So I asked Luciana about it, and she confirmed that Priyah (with an “i”) is indeed the correct spelling.

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