The Reins of a Waterfall – screen caps

Finally, the first episode of Caprica with Luciana premiered two days ago. Luciana again delivers proof of her versatility as an actress and shows a whole new side of her when she portrays Graystone Industries’ PR consultant, Priyah Magnus. She also sported a new, elegant look that was different from what we had seen before.

And of course I made some nice screen caps (resolution 1280 x 720), which you can view in the gallery below.

(Clicking on the pictures will get you to a slightly larger version, click on that for the full-sized screen cap.)

Now, if it only wasn’t for that big, annoying Syfy logo that’s right in her face in some of the shots…

Also, don’t forget that she’ll be in the next two episodes as well. So if you don’t watch Caprica already, you should start doing so — it’s a really good show.

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