Tonight: Luciana on Caprica

Tonight’s the night, my fellow friends and fans of Luciana’s!

Almost exactly six months after we learned that Luciana would have a recurring role on Caprica, the first of her episodes premieres tonight — at 9/8c on Syfy (or Space, if you’re in Canada).

“The Reins of a Waterfall” (1.03) was written by Michael Angeli and directed by Ronald D. Moore. Luciana plays Priyah, an assistant to Dr. Daniel Graystone, the wealthy genius who invented the Cylons.

Needless to say, we could hardly be more excited! We’ve been looking forward to this premiere for months, and I’m confident lots of Battlestar fans will be happy to see another familiar face on the prequel.

We’ll post clips, screencaps and a review as soon as possible.

Official synopsis of “The Reins of a Waterfall”:

After Amanda’s (Paula Malcomson) public confession of Zoe’s (Alessandra Torresani) terrorist involvement, those closest to Zoe must face mounting pressures.

The trailer, four sneak peeks and ten stills can be found here at Caprica City.

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