Luciana and the Olmoses

Luciana adores the Olmoses. It’s about time we write about it — including some interview excerpts and two videos — and tell you how she got to know them.

The father: Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos is most famous for Blade Runner and Miami Vice, for his tireless community work, and as an outspoken advocate of many causes. As Admiral William Adama, he was the leading man on Battlestar Galactica, of course.

The Admiral and his CAG (Edward James Olmos and Luciana Carro)

The Admiral and his CAG (Edward James Olmos and Luciana Carro)

When BSGcast did their first interview with Luciana at the “BSGcast in Las Vegas” event, they asked her why she had such a high opinion of Edward James Olmos. Here’s what she answered:

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Edward and everything that he’s done for the Latino community. I think he’s a first-rate actor. And he’s just so down to earth and humble and approachable. He’s like a father figure to rest of the cast… actually to the crew and the cast, everybody.

You can watch the full interview (or read the transcript) here at the Luciana Carro Fansite.

And while I’m at it, I would also recommend watching the following video which is a clip of Edward and Luciana’s Q&A panel at last year’s Chicago Comic-Con. Eddie remembers the day he, Mary McDonnell, David Eick and Ronald D. Moore were at the United Nations headquarters in New York and talked about some of the profound issues touched upon by their show, especially racism and racial equality.

Luciana doesn’t say anything in this clip, but it’s obvious that she admires Eddie, and how much she enjoys listening to him.

Now on to the other adorable man in the family…

The son: Bodie Olmos

Eddie’s son, Bodie Olmos, played Lt. Brendan “Hot Dog” Costanza, a young pilot that was introduced in the same Battlestar episode as Kat, 1.04 “Act of Contrition”.

Luciana Carro and Bodie Olmos at a BSG season 3 finale party

Luciana Carro and Bodie Olmos at a BSG season 3 finale party (photo by SomaPills)

When we did an interview with Luciana at the Crossroads convention and asked her to describe her friend Bodie, she said:

He is a lady’s man. He is just as awesome as his dad, and really humble, too. He’s a normal guy; even Edward James Olmos is normal. Very nice, very loving, very welcoming. I love Bodie, and I love Mr. Olmos.

Sounds like a great guy! And just a few months earlier, in June 2007, it was Bodie who praised Luciana in an interview: Who are you favorite castmates to work with? Anyone whose acting style meshes particularly well with yours?

Bodie: Well, I’d have to say probably Luciana Carro’s. One, because we worked a lot together, and I felt that we had a lot of fun working opposite each other. It played well. […]

You can read the complete interview (or listen to the audio) here at Marcel Damen’s fabulous Galactica.TV website.

Getting to know the Olmoses

Last but not least, I want to show you the group interview UFragTV did with the four Battlestar actors that attended last year’s Big Apple Comic-Con — Aaron Douglas, Michael Hogan, Rekha Sharma, and Luciana. Aaron and Michael do most of the talking, but at timestamp 3:45 Luciana explains how she got to know the Olmoses — it’s a great story, and I won’t spoil it for you:

…and that’s how Luciana started to adore the Olmoses ;-) Kudos to them for treating her so well!

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