Austin Comic-Con in November

Only a short time after it was announced that Luciana would attend FedCon in Germany, an American convention added her to their guest list as well: Luciana will grace Wizard World’s Comic Con in Austin with her presence.

The only drawback is that you have to wait a while: The convention will take place from Friday, November 12, to Sunday, November 14, which is more than nine months from now. But on the bright side, this gives you quite  some time to prepare for meeting this lovely lady, and to make sure there won’t be anything else on your schedule that weekend.

Luciana is one of the first guests on their list, which is not really surprising as she has been at several Wizard World events and undoubtedly left quite an impression. But this will be her first event in Austin, and her first convention in Texas since the Dallas All-Con in 2007. So don’t miss this opportunity!

The other guests announced so far are Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Gary Friedrich (creator of the Ghost Rider comics) and Luciana’s fellow Caprica cast member, James Marsters (most famous for his role as Spike in Buffy and Angel).

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