Luciana to attend FedCon in Germany

Have you ever heard of FedCon? It’s Europe’s largest annual science-fiction convention. Each year, thousands of fans from all over the world gather at Maritim Hotel in Bonn, Germany, to celebrate their shared love of the genre, and to meet more than a dozen actors from Star Trek and other sci-fi shows.

I’ve been there twice, meeting scores of friends and half a dozen Battlestar actors each time – it’s hard to explain what a massive and thrilling experience FedCon is. Imagine a giant auditorium with three thousand enthusiastic fans chanting “So Say We All!” to greet the Admiral himself, Eddie Olmos! Plus, it’s a really  well-run show, and unlike most conventions, they tape all the Q&As and activities, and sell brilliant DVDs six months later.

…and this year, Luciana will be one of their guests! :-)

FedCon XIX
April 30 – May 2, 2010

Maritim Hotel
Bonn, Germany

Other Battlestar/Caprica guests: Aaron Douglas, James Marsters, Kandyse McClure, Michael Trucco

Needless to say, Luciana at FedCon is a dream come true. I’m so gonna be there! As goes for Frosty_JG, my writing partner here at this blog and a fellow German.

And it’s not just us (or the other fans in attendance) who’ll benefit from Luciana’s appearance at FedCon: She has agreed to participate in the Fedlympics, an entertaining, multi-stage Wii tournament. Most importantly, each contestant is asked to pay an entrance fee. The fee is donated to charity projects supported by FedCon.

Luciana will join Team Eureka, the defending champion, and like every other contestant, she will compete in Mario Kart, table tennis (from Wii Sports Resort) and Shake it (from Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party). How’s that for making a difference and having fun at the same time? This is gonna be great, and I promise to take pictures of this activity in particular. *g*

Three months to go…

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P.S.: When Luciana attended Crossroads (a small Stargate/Battlestar convention in Germany) in November 2007, SF-Radio did a short interview with her. This was their first question:

SF-Radio: Is there any other convention you would like to attend?

Luciana: FedCon! (laughs) I would love to be at FedCon. But… we’ll see.

Heh. Ask, and ye shall receive… two and a half years later :-)

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1 Response to Luciana to attend FedCon in Germany

  1. Marc B. Lee says:

    If any Americans plan to come, no excuses….just do it!

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