More Propworx Kat auctions

Propworx, the company which auctioned off many props and pieces of the sets of Battlestar Galactica on eBay and during live auctions (where Luciana was present), started several new rounds of eBay auctions in the recent weeks. Surprisingly, this week’s batch includes two items related to Kat!

The first one is a backup version of the memorial wall photo, which was not used on the show, plus radiation badges (which were not used by Luciana though) from “The Passage”.

The second auction is more interesting. It’s a set of documents containing recon information about New Caprica, and according to the auction description these were used by Kat during the planning session in Adama’s quarters in the episode “Precipice”.

the auction items

Now, as you can see in the screen cap below, Kat had some papers on her lap during this strategy session, but it’s impossible to tell whether these really are the ones that are now being auctioned off:

Luciana as Kat in "Precipice"

If you are interested in those items, hurry, you have four days left to place your bids.

Now go get these maps so you can start planning your own assault on the Cylon forces occupying New Caprica. ;-)

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