Caprica episode: Writer and director

Syfy has yet to release major info on Luciana’s (first) three Caprica episodes, but thanks to IMDb and Airlock Alpha, we do know the writer and director of her very first episode:

1.02 “The Reins of a Waterfall
Written by Michael Angeli and directed by Ronald D. Moore

Angeli had been a producer on Battlestar for its final two seasons. While he isn’t credited for the script of any Kat episode, he wrote some of the best BSG episodes, including “Six Degrees of Separation” and “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”. Moore, of course, is one of Caprica’s creators. The first TV episode he directed – the beautiful and calm “A Disquiet Follows My Soul” – is among my all-time BSG favorites.

In other words, I very much look forward to watching the first Caprica episode featuring Luciana as Priyah.

“The Reins of a Waterfall”  airs February 5, 2o10, on Syfy. We hope to have a synopsis, and info on the other two episodes, soon.

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1 Response to Caprica episode: Writer and director

  1. Caprica is just around the corner! It’s nice to see regulars from Battlestar like Luciana come back to support the show.

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