Meet the new queen of BSG cons

Did you know that Luciana was an official guest at 16 conventions and similar events this year? Amazing! The “Lovely Luciana World Tour” included stops at a dozen conventions and signing shows in America, one convention in London, and two Battlestar auctions in Pasadena.

I didn’t get to meet Luciana this year, unfortunately. But thousands of fans did, and I frakkin’ love reading their enthusiastic reports, browsing their gorgeous galleries, or watching Luciana’s latest interviews – all of which prove how much fun was had by everyone involved.

Wizard World Philadelphia, June 2009 (photo by Designer of Doom)

Fan favorites Michael Hogan, Edward James Olmos, Luciana Carro and Nicki Clyne at Wizard World Philadelphia, June 2009 (photo by Designer of Doom)

16 events… that’s twice the number of conventions she attended over the previous four years combined!

And it gets better: I “analyzed” a great list of all public events featuring actors from Battlestar and Caprica. Turns out no BSG actor did more conventions this year than Luciana!

  1. The Queen of BSG conventions: Luciana Carro (16 appearances)
  2. The King of BSG conventions: Michael Hogan (14 appearances)
  3. Aaron Douglas, Edward James Olmos (8 appearances)
  4. Mary McDonnell (7 appearances)
  5. James Callis, Mark Sheppard, Richard Hatch (6 appearances)
  6. Katee Sackhoff (5 appearances)

Conratulations, Luciana! ;-) And how about coming to Germany next year? ^^

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P.S.: We have yet to find a single picture of Luciana at Steel City Con, or anything else related to her appearance at that convention. Sorry guys. Fortunately, attendee Shawn came here a few days ago and praised her in a brief comment.

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