Luciana as Catwoman

You know, there are so many roles Luciana could play, or could have played! For example, I wish she had been a stunning doll on Dollhouse, or a spunky rebel on The Sarah Connor Chronicles! And like my fellow Luccinatics, I think she’d be perfect for the upcoming Star Wars live-action TV series.

Moreover, people on the Internet have mentioned Luciana in their fantasy castings for True Blood, or the next Star Trek and Ghostbusters movies, among other productions (see this Fanboard thread for some of those discussions).

I don’t think her name has ever come up in a discussion of a Catwoman remake, though. Granted, most people don’t want to be reminded of the widely ridiculed movie anyway. Last time a fine actress wore the iconic costume, she walked away with a Razzie.

But there’s at least one person who thought Luciana would make a great Catwoman. We know this because Brian Germain didn’t just think about it – he actually drew a picture of Luciana as Catwoman! Brian posted his drawing on Luciana’s Facebook page a few weeks ago, and now I proudly present a hi-res version (click for full size):

Luciana Carro as Catwoman (by Brian Germain)

Luciana Carro as Catwoman (by Brian Germain)

Wow. Just wow. What a brilliant drawing. A fantastic idea, beautifully executed. This certainly is one of the best pieces of Luciana-related fan art I’ve ever seen. She really would be perfect for the part. Brian, thank you so much for sending this in!

By the way, as you may have noticed, Brian’s drawing is based on this old shot. Luciana has used that photo, and similar shots, as profile pictures on Facebook, MySpace and the IMDb.

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  1. I met Luciana at The Motor City Comics Convention spring of 2009 at an after party for the artists and celebrities. She was very personable and since currently I have the luxury of drawing who and what I chose I decided to do acouple pieces of Luciana including one small sketch she currently owns. The pleasure was mine she is obviously beautiful and i would love to see her as Catwoman she is not only a gifted actress She could bring a fiesty freshness that the role most sorely needs and deserves. Hope everyone likes the pic.

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