What if she hadn’t gone to theatre school?

The Comic Book Syndicate have posted a nice interview they did with Luciana when she attended Motor City Comic Con back in May. Luciana talks about the old and new Battlestar, the new Star Trek, and the career choices she faced after she had finished high school.

Well done! I hadn’t seen her talk about this crucial time in her life in a while. And there’s another thing I noticed: It’s pretty easy to put down the original Battlestar, especially when you’re discussing the re-imagined version. Many people do it, and of course they often have a point. Still, I think it’s classy Luciana doesn’t do it.

FYI: The Comic Book Syndicate airs on TV Cogeco, in Windsor-Essex County (Ontario), as well as in Romeo, Bruce, Washington, Holland and Portage (all in Michigan). Most importantly, you can all episodes at their website.

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1 Response to What if she hadn’t gone to theatre school?

  1. Frosty JG says:

    Very nice interview! She is very seet, and was nice actually hearing her tell that story about her drama teacher (I think so far we only read about it). And I too did like the way she talked about the old BSG. She said it was cheesy, which it certainly was, but she also said it was a great show for its time. Personally, I don’t really like the old one anymore, but I loved it when I was a kid. It was the show that made me a Scifi fan (yeah, BSG, not Star Trek).
    Anyway, its always lovely to hear her talk in interviews instead of just reading it. :-)

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