Mission Starfury – Saturday Q&A

Last Saturday at the Mission Starfury: The Cylon Attack convention in London, Luciana did a Q&A together with Leah Cairns (“Racetrack”), which turned out to be particularly interesting. That’s no surprise, as these two very nice ladies have excellent chemistry.

Luciana during the panel on Saturday at the Mission Starfury convention

Luciana during the panel on Saturday at the Mission Starfury convention (photo by Marcel)

As you can imagine, I sat there with a pen and a few sheets of paper and was quite busy making notes during the entire panel.  While I was writing down notes as fast as I could, it was necessery to focus on Luciana’s answers to be able to write all the interesting stuff down. So, here you have the scoop of what Luciana said:

  • The first question was which projects she was working on at the moment. Luciana is working on Caprica, of which she has filmed three episodes, and they haven’t fired Luciana or killed off her character so far.
    She went on talking about her guest appearance in the web series Charlotta. In an episode of this series, she plays the Virgin Mary whom the transsexual title character goes to for counseling.
    Luciana said the director is a friend of hers who showed her an episode. She thought it was good, and she wants to work on good productions, no matter whether it’s TV, theater, web or any other medium. “If it’s good material, I’m in.”
  • She talked a bit about Kat in her last episode and how she didn’t like the idea that Kat was hoarding food from kids. She didn’t want this scene to be shown and put up a fight for that, because it was so out of character for Kat and she was afraid people would have hated Kat. In fact, Luciana said that she herself would have hated her, so she was relieved the scene didn’t make it into the final cut of the episode.
    Later in the Q&A, she explained that she didn’t understand why Kat having been a drug runner was such a big deal in the situation humanity found itself in and why Kat was so scared about people knowing the truth.
  • When Leah told us how she found out that Racetrack was supposed to be killed at one point and fought for Racetrack until the producers agreed not to kill her off, Luciana said “I should have done that.”
  • Luciana was asked about Caprica, but she said she hadn’t talked to the producers in a while and had no idea what she was allowed to say, if anything. Originally, she had not even wanted to announce that she works on Caprica at all, but then Edward James Olmos spilled the beans a few months ago. Luckily for the audience, Alessandra Torresani was present last weekend’s Q&A as well (but not on stage), and she shouted “She works for my father”. Luciana then confirmed that her character Priyah indeed works for Daniel Graystone.
  • Luciana talked about filming the Viper scenes, particularly how uncomfortable her flightsuit was. It gets hot and sweaty in there, which especially is a problem in winter when she has to get into the cold afterwards. Leah mentioned she had icepacks to keep her cool during shooting. Luciana said they didn’t give her icepacks, but it turned out they started using them only after Kat had been killed off.
    The scenes also take a long time to set up while she has to sit in the Viper all the time. If she talks and spits or breaths heavy in the helmet, it’s a big deal as one would see the droplets on screen, she concluded that “There was nothing glamorous about shooting Battlestar, I’ll tell you that.”
  • When asked whether they wanted to become superstars, Luciana said she would indeed like to become well known for doing good work. Leah would rather remain anonymous and not having everything made into a scandal by the press. Luciana noted that big stars don’t necessarily have bad press and cited Beyoncé as an example.
  • Luciana also stated that she would have loved to have scenes with Mary McDonnell and to work more with Edward James Olmos, but she was glad to have a great scene with him in “The Passage”.
  • They were asked what they thought about the end of the show. Luciana said she cried through the whole thing and it cracked her heart open.
  • She watched “The Plan” and all the timelines confused the hell out of her.
  • Asked which TV shows she would like to guest star on, Luciana mentioned The Closer, Dexter, Saving Grace and CSI (the Vegas version).
  • When asked about acting, she replied that she loves it and doesn’t really know what else she could do, acting is where her passion is. She loves being somebody else, telling a good story and letting people feel what sometimes they don’t want to feel, she’ll go to places for them where they don’t want to go. What she does not like is the industry and auditioning. She says it’s a really fake process and she hasn’t mastered that technique.
  • The relationship between Kat and Starbuck was also one of the Q&A topics. Luciana said they were very similar, and it broke Kat’s heart when Starbuck was drinking so much and got people killed out of carelessness. Kat was so angry at her because she saw herself in Starbuck, as she herself was struggling with her inner demons.
  • Luciana got the part in Caprica when she talked to David Eick at an Entertainment Weekly/Syfy red carpet event during the San Diego Comic Con. She told him she would love to work with them again, David Eick told her the same, so shortly thereafter she got a call from her agent and she got a part in Caprica. There was no audition involved; she was just in the right place at the right time.
  • When asked what her perfect day off would look like, she explained it would be a day where she did nothing, because she is always doing something. There is always some work to do, for example preparing for auditions, as sometimes she even has several auditions in one day. She also has acting classes and dance classes, so she would like a day where she could just do nothing and watch a movie.
  • Luciana and Leah mentioned that they both worked with Al Pacino on different projects (Luciana did Two for the Money with him, Leah co-starred on 88 Minutes). Luciana said “He stared at my boobs the whole time”, to which Leah replied that he was shy and just looked down. Luciana also noted that he is short. And while Luciana usually doesn’t get star struck, she said she was very star struck when she met Al Pacino. She also was fascinated by what a method actor he was, playing a heart condition while preparing even for the rather easy scene he had with Luciana, even though he was not having heart issues in that scene.
  • Leah told this story about her most embarrassing moment.

That’s it for the Saturday panel. Next up is a post with nice pictures of Luciana at the con. And the panel on Sunday (which she did together with Jaime Bamber) is also waiting to be turned into presentable form, so there are still some goodies to come about my trip to meet Luciana in London.

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1 Response to Mission Starfury – Saturday Q&A

  1. Pedda says:

    Wow… I didn’t expect your first report to be that comprehensive. Thanks a bunch!

    Sounds like the Leah/Lucci combo made for an entertaining and interesting Q&A. Wish I could have been there and discussed all of it with you, on the spot.

    Anyway, I’m happy we learned about Charlotta, and something new about Pryah. It’s interesting Leah’s encounter with Al Pacino was so different than Luciana’s. Also, I wish she’ll able to use her dance skills in a movie or TV episode!

    Last but not least, I feel she’s become more critical of “The Passage” over the years, particularly the writers’ ridiculous notions that Kat’s long-gone drug past was so dark that the military would have turned its back on the fleet’s best pilot, and that Kat was so embarrassingly guilty that the only way to deal with this guilt was archaic redemption-by-death. Blergh.

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