Guest appearance in Charlotta-TS

Well, I’m back from the Starfury convention in London (where I had a great time — thank you, Luciana!), and while I will report about the Q&As and show you some nice photos in the days to come, the following bit of info merits its own blog entry.

On Friday evening Luciana told me that she had a guest appearance in an episode of a web series called Charlotta-TS. Never heard of it? No problem, me neither. It’s brand new and it’s not entirely clear when it will be shown, but probably some time next year. The series is about a transsexual person named Charlotta. In one episode she seeks counsel from the Virgin Mary (or a statue of her, come to life), played by Luciana.



Judging by how Luciana described it, this seems to be a very interesting, unusual and very funny story. The director of this new web series is a friend of Luciana’s, and she told me she really loved it and thinks it’s quite good.

This may only be a guest spot for one episode, but it’s still excellent news and seeing Luciana play a completely different character once again is certainly something to look forward to, and the premise  sounds quite intriguing. We’ll keep an eye on this and will let you know when these webisodes will premiere, as soon as we find out.

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1 Response to Guest appearance in Charlotta-TS

  1. Pedda says:

    Oh, intriguing indeed! As you said, we’ve never seen her play a religious figure, or someone who gives counsel (with the possible exception of Kat’s pep talk in “Scar”), and we’ve never seen her in a web series like Charlotta. I’ll definitely check this out. Ah, I just love how she makes us watch so many different things…

    Thanks for sharing this news, buddy! I knew it was the right decision to send a reporter in London ;-)

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