Fan art: 60 Kat/Luciana icons

We regularly post links to the latest fanvids and wallpapers, but actually there is another popular kind of fan art that people make from pictures and videos of Luciana — icons (or avatars). Mostly sized 100 by 100 pixels, icons are often used as profile pictures at LiveJournal or message boards.

Our own icon archive contains more than 100 stylistically and thematically diverse icons created by a dozen artists between 2005 and early 2009.

More recently, GeekByNight has certainly been the most productive creator of icons made from pictures of Kat or Luciana. She usually posts her works at CigarsGalore, a LiveJournal community exclusively dedicated to icons.

Kat/Luciana icons by GeekByNight

A few days ago GeekByNight posted a fantastic selection of 60 Kat/Luciana icons in one single entry, including a dozen icons made from photos of Luciana at Dragon*Con. View them all!

Related links: Icon archive, fan art section at the Luciana Carro Fansite

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