Letter, pictures from the BSG yearbook

When the production of Battlestar Galactica was drawing to a close, the cast and crew put together a very exclusive yearbook. Next to dozens of letters written by actors, directors, writers and other members of the crew, the book contains a large number of pictures – including two full pages dedicated to the work on “Unfinished Business”, Luciana’s penultimate episode.

Most importantly, Luciana submitted a letter, too, remembering how she prepared for her intense scenes and expressing her gratitude to those working around her. Fortunately, one of the lucky fans who own a copy of this rare book – tracy_loo_who – scanned most of the book’s pages and put the scans online (here, here and here). She kindly allowed us to present some of the material here.

Click the images below to read the letter and view the pictures (most of which were taken while shooting “Unfinished Business” and “Scar”, respectively).

Read it?

What a wonderful message!

Here’s my take on it: A young woman at the beginning of her TV career, Luciana’s involvement with Battlestar must have been an unlikely and rousing, as well as rewarding and transformative adventure. I hope I’m not sounding too esoteric here, but I feel we get few chances like that in life.

Although Luciana was “lucky” to get this opportunity, she also seemed to jump at it, proving that she was “worthy” of, and willing to build on, that opportunity.

And while we tried to watch a small part of this particular voyage from far away, we of course never had a chance to be actually present. That’s why it’s such a pleasure to read this letter, to catch this rare glimpse into Luciana’s acting method, and to realize the admiration the cast and crew of BSG felt for each other…

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