Caprica: Name of her role revealed

Since it was announced in early August that Luciana would play a role in Caprica, there has been practically no information about her character – other than what kind of shoes she wears.

Now we at least have a name. According to her IMDb profile, Luciana’s character will be called Pryah. [Update: As it later turned out, the IMDb didn’t get it quite right, the name is spelled Priyah as Luciana confirmed to me.]

So far, we don’t know anything else about her. We don’t know what her last name will be (we don’t even know for sure Pryah is her first name, though it seems likely), so it is not clear whether this is a character which was mentioned in some the spoilers for the series that found their way to the web, or a role we haven’t heard anything about so far.

It would certainly be interesting if this Pryah turned out to be Youngblood, one of the cops investigating the terrorist bombing of the Maglev (which was seen in the pilot), but this is pure speculation.

IMDb so far lists Luciana for episodes 2, 3 and 4, but their listings aren’t always correct, so this information may be subject to change. It seems plausible, though, as Luciana has filmed three of her five episodes so far.

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1 Response to Caprica: Name of her role revealed

  1. Pedda says:

    Interesting… I expected a couple names, but Pryah certainly wasn’t among them. In fact, I didn’t even know there’ll be a character of this name! I would love to see her as an investigator, or as a Willow. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for *that* piece of info another two months… ;-)

    By the way, Luciana sais one of her episodes was directed by Michael Nankin. Nankin directed episode 6, so indeed, it seems likely some of the info will change.

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