“I was the feisty one”

Crazy Al Cayne TV had the opportunity to do a nice video interview with Luciana at the Big Apple Comic Con:

In this video you can see and hear lovely Luciana talk about Caprica and how Battlestar Galactica keeps continuing in a way because of the conventions. She also states that New York is her favorite city ever and she would love to book a series there. Plus, you get a look at some of the photos available for autographs at her table.

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1 Response to “I was the feisty one”

  1. Pedda says:

    Cute little interview by Crazy Al! I bet she’s really looking forward to the day when she’ll be allowed to say a little more about her exciting job on Caprica. Anyway, focusing on some of her photos was a neat idea. And let’s hope bi-coastal Luciana will get a job in NYC at some point! :)

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