Her biggest fan

This is such a great story:

A friend of mine was working on the movie “Good Luck Chuck”. Apparently one of the producers was a huge “BSG” fan, and when she told him that she knew me, he freaked out, as Racetrack was his favorite character. My friend called me and asked if I would come to set to say “Hello”. I asked her several times if she was sure that he was talking about Racetrack. I told her that my part was small and that it was pretty strange for someone’s favorite character to be Racetrack. She swore that he was my biggest fan and begged me to come to set.

So, off I went, and when I arrived, this producer made a huge deal about it. He announced to all the people working around him (many of whom I knew and had worked with before) that I was on the best show on television and that I played the toughest most awesome character on the show. He went on and on and on. Now I am not a shy person, but it was getting pretty embarrassing.

He asked me to take off my sunglasses, so he can see my face better. When I did, he commented on how different I looked than on the show. Of course, I was happy to hear that as I (unlike Racetrack) had made an effort to look decent for this guy. But he didn’t just mean that I was wearing a little more make up than old Maggie. Oh no. This guy was freaking out about how I looked so much more Latina on the show. He commented on how different my hair looks and how he could have sworn it was curly… FINALLY clue in.

He thinks I’m Kat [played by Luciana Carro]. Duh! It all makes sense now. When he comes up for breath, I tell him (in front of a bunch of my former co-workers) that he has mistaken me with someone else. I tell him that he is talking about Kat. I tell him that I am Racetrack. He asks: “WHO!?”

Oh my gosh, that’s so hilarious!

(I wonder if that was the same producer whom Luciana met at some audition and who was so excited about meeting her that he asked her to leave for a minute so he could relax. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a video or transcript of her telling this cute story.)

Then again: Poor Leah! That must’ve been a horrible moment. She and Racetrack really deserve a little more appreciation. I remember meeting Leah at last year’s FedCon, and she was so much fun.

The paragraphs quoted above are from an interview that German website e!Guide-Network did for their Kyle XY section a while ago. Leah reflects on being a mother to the child she recently adopted in Ethiopia (wow!), and she also talks about her days on Battlestar and Kyle XY. Read the interview here.

Related link: Leah Cairns’ official website

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1 Response to Her biggest fan

  1. Frosty JG says:

    Funny story. And while I think it’s great Kat has such big fans, I really feel sorry for Leah, this must have been a real disappointment, believing she met such a big fan of hers, and then he wasn’t after all.
    Having met both Luciana and Leah, I can say they are both very nice people. :-)

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