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Did you know that Luciana appeared in the final four episodes of Everwood? Too bad they’re not available on DVD. She had a really, really lovely part as main character Ephram’s new love interest, Stephanie Meyer. (I know, that name sounds very familiar now, but when those episodes aired in summer 2006, it didn’t.)

And I just noticed that you can watch those episodes at TheWB.com (episodes 19, 20 and 21/22)! Unfortunately, people from outside America can’t seem to access the videos, and apparently most episodes will be taken down by Monday. So hurry up! This is a must-watch.

Luciana Carro as Stephanie Meyer (Everwood)

Luciana Carro as Stephanie Meyer (Everwood)

Here’s what Luciana said about her gig on Everwood when she answered her fans’ questions for an interview at Galactica BS:

I got hired on the show with the intention of being Ephram’s (Gregory Smith) new love interest. I was hoping the series would get picked up for another season but WB decided to go with 7th Heaven instead. We actually shot two different endings for the season finale. One if we got picked up for season 5 and another if we didn’t. Well unfortunately we didn’t get picked up so Ephram got back together with Amy. BOOO!!

Working on Everwood was a great experience! I had so much fun. It was really refreshing for me to play a character like Stephanie. What I loved most about playing her was that she was a lovable character. She was cool and free of bullshit.

Couldn’t agree more! This is certainly one of Luciana’s roles that I enjoy the most. Plus, she looked fabulous.

By the way: As I wrote three months ago, season 4 may or may not be released on DVD. We have yet to hear any news about that. Keep your fingers crossed! And hopefully, those DVDs will include the alternate scenes Luciana mentioned. That would be a real treat.

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