Fanvid of the month: Learn to Crawl

Speaking of the Kat/Kara scenes in “Scar”: Many of those electrifying moments feature prominently in an amazing fanvid that I found recently.

Vidded by jarrow, “Learn to Crawl” centers on the rocky relationship between Galactica’s Top Guns.

This is an idea I had years ago when first vidding BSG femslash, but I knew I wasn’t ready to make it yet. […]

To comment on the source, it was such a treat to have actual eyesex to work with instead of having to construct my own. I appreciated that. And them being all up in each other’s faces. And loving golden showers. Thank you, Starbuck and Kat, for boinking for 3 seasons and letting me watch.

…and thank you, jarrow, for this wonderful fanvid! Oh, the eysex… You, gentle readers, can find a download link and some more comments at jarrow’s LiveJournal. And don’t hesitate to let her or us know what you think!

Kara and Kat have a tactical discussion

Kara and Kat have a tactical discussion

By the way, “Learn to Crawl” is actually a sequel to jarrow’s “Falling From the Sky“, another impressive Kara-centric fanvid featuring lots of Kat scenes from season1 and 2. That video is a “deeper look at the many pilots Starbuck has failed, including herself”. You can download “Falling From the Sky” and read jarrow’s extensive notes on many of the video’s aspects here at her LiveJournal. Highly recommended!

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1 Response to Fanvid of the month: Learn to Crawl

  1. Frosty JG says:

    The fanvid is really great, I love it! The music is very fitting for such a fast paced video, and it shows many of the different facial expressions we love so much. Lot’s of great Kat moments there. And while there is of course no dialog in this video, it still shows the tension between Starbuck and Kat very well. Plus, there is Viper action. ;-) Yeah, I love it.

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