Fifty reasons

Today marks the first semi-anniversary of this blog’s official launch.

Since April 12, 2009, my buddy FrostyJG and I have written more than 130 posts. That’s more than we expected to write throughout the entire year, back when we were thinking about a starting a blog. A lot more. Then again, who could have anticipated that Luciana would attend more than a dozen conventions this year, and that, even more importantly, she would be cast in Caprica, out of all shows? So there sure are more than enough exciting news and reviews, as well as pretty pictures and videos to cover.

More importantly, we just love writing for Luciana Carro Fans. And we very much look forward to reviewing Urgency, sharing all kinds of Caprica news, discussing the latest video interview, posting another gallery of pictures from the next convention – and, last but not least, meeting Luciana in person again (whenever that may be).

By the way:  People often ask me why “this thing” and Luciana are so important to me. Not surprisingly, it’s hard to explain. So how about fifty reasons at once?

(click to enlarge)

Fifty reasons (by Pedda)

Fifty reasons (by Pedda)

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