Another BSG fan's dream attained

Luciana “loves her wonderful fans“.

And the sentiment is mutual! Writes Battlestar fan Kelly Long:

I owe many great experiences to Propworx. I worked at the second auction as a member of the Colonial Fleet. I met Luciana Carro, “Kat”, while working at the show. I had the opportunity to present and send her a set of season 2 and 3 base sets of Battlestar [trading] cards.

I also attended Dragon*Con, where I mentioned that I hoped she had received and enjoyed the cards. She did a double take and said “that was you!?” I said yes, that I was at the Propworx auction, in duty blues, and my call sign was Plasma. She immediately remembered me and proceeded to hug me!! She said that she was very grateful for the cards and thought it was a very sweet thing.

One fan dream attained.

Now isn’t that a lovely story? Hope to read more of these in the future.

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1 Response to Another BSG fan's dream attained

  1. Frosty JG says:

    That’s a very sweet story. I’m glad to hear Lucci still is so nice to her fans… and still is hug happy. ;-) I’m very happy for Kelly!
    This story brings back memories of past conventions, I can’t wait to meet Lucci again someday.

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