Kat left an impression...

It’s been almost three years since the last BSG episode with Luciana as Kat aired, but Luciana is still visiting many conventions (now more than ever, actually), and Kat is still discussed in the blogs, and not just this one here.

Recently ahkna’s blog featured several “female interaction” picspams, where, next to lots of screen caps, memorable and remarkable scenes featuring only female characters were discussed. Three of them are scenes of Kat and Starbuck.

One of Luciana’s most memorable scenes from “The Passage” is a subject of this blog entry, and while there are many pretty pictures, what ahkna has to say about the scene is the really good part:

Why I Love This Scene: The emotions on Luciana Carro’s face. That’s it. She’s angry, she’s broken, she’s everything. Just like the scene from ‘Scar’ when Kat wouldn’t stop riding Starbuck in her moment of weakness, Kara can’t let Kat go, threatening her. These girls like having something they can hold over each other, little things that they can clutch on to in order to avoid looking at each other and just seeing a mirror”

What most Luccinatics really love about Luciana are her many facial expressions and the range of emotions she can portray, and I’m glad we were not the only ones who noticed that talent. Also, the assessment of the characters is pretty much dead on.

Even better, a scene with Kat made it into the top three (well, top two actually) in this post, and again ahkna has thoughtful words to accompany the screen caps:

“Luciana Carro does some really amazing acting and it’s great to see someone challenge Starbuck, especially someone considered an “underling”. Kara is out of line and no one, even Lee, won’t call her on it but Kat has come into her own, has turned into a caring leader and top pilot and won’t take Kara’s issues, especially if they’re going to cost lives.”

This is something I can wholeheartedly agree with. Many people fail to see Kat’s motivations and complain about her “bitchiness” more than about Starbuck’s recklessness which leads to the death of some fellow pilots. Kat’s no saint and she didn’t handle everything in the best way possible, but she stood up to Starbuck when the lives of her comrades were at stake.

Finally, the first of these picspams includes Kat’s death scene.

You may also want to read descriptions of the rest of these scenes in ahkna’s picspams, they show the many diverse and strong female characters that were a very intriguing aspect of Battlestar Galactica.

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